Barnyard Introductions

We have found that everyone is drawn to different animals & sometimes horses aren’t the top attraction here at Summit Equestrian. I think it’s appropriate to take a minute to tell you who you might run into and a little about their role here at the barn.


Bernadette is our self-appointed welcoming committee, granted she is awake & hears your drive up. She’s a Saint Bernard, 105 pounds of attention seeking hound, ready to lean on your clean pants & insure that you feel loved. She can be a great illustration of someone that recognizes no boundaries, nor does she have any herself. She loves all creatures equally & cherishes her naps.


Marcus is the resident mouser. A handsome black cat, he prides himself on his good looks & keen hunting skills. If you see him, he’ll appreciate a head scratch, perhaps a lap for a moment, but he is not a fan of being picked up.


Jake is the senior feline supervisor of all things in the volunteer room. He’s lived all over the country & his experiences help him to connect with kids & adults of different backgrounds. His tri-color coat helps him to blend in with whatever he chooses to make his bed.

Mildred & Gabby

We have two goat residents, Mildred & Gabby. Mildred raised several goat kids to be successful 4-H show stars before coming to us. Her maternal nature is a nice balance to Gabby’s exuberance. Gabby is unique in that she is missing part of one of her back legs. She can be very sweet & affectionate, but then often gets overstimulated and then overreacts. I’m always amazed at the people that are convinced that they’re going to win her friendship “this time.” Sometimes its not us, sometimes people just can’t meet us where we are. Gabby has started some healing conversations about relationships that didn’t seem fair or were unhealthy (we love Gabby, even when she gets naughty).


Our potbelly pig, Josie, has a fan club of people that think her sometimes grouchy exterior is endearing. Josie can be funny & clever, with a fantastic memory. She can also be opinionated & sassy. What a great way to talk about how we’re all different & each have value.

Sorche & Maggie

Our sheep, Sorche & Maggie, are great at teaching patience. Their soft wool coats are fun to touch, but you have to sit quietly to have them come to be scratched. It’s such a tangible goal when impulsive behaviors are a challenge. Their wool holds so many craft possibilities, just as soon as we have some spare time.


Quincy the duck & our small flock of hens raise wonderful conversation about farm life and where our food comes from. Did you know chickens lay eggs even when there is no rooster around? Adults & kids alike ask great questions about logistics, connecting them beyond the carton at the store. Plus, chickens are fun to watch as they root through the garden, eat the pests & take sunbaths.