What to expect when coming to Summit Equestrian

Here at Summit Equestrian we understand there are a lot of unknowns when you are coming here for the first time. What to wear, what you’ll do, when do you get to ride??? We’d like to wrangle the most commonly asked questions here.

What do I wear is dependent on the program & weather. We have an indoor arena that we work in quite a bit, but it is still chilly in the winter & warm in the summer. Closed toe shoes & dressed to be comfortable is how we typically recommend people to dress. We provide helmets & do have some boots & jackets if needed.

When do I get to ride? It depends is the short answer. Our Equestrian Club & Summer Camp participants ride each day. Our Centered Leadership and Equine Assisted Learning programs do not necessarily include riding opportunities – there is a lot to be learned from working with them from the ground. Our veteran riding program probably includes riding, but there is always the potential we’ll get busy learning other things first.

If we’re not riding horses what do we do? It depends (again..). sometimes we work with one horse & take time to develop a connect sometimes we’re out in the pasture. We meet you where you are, help you determine your goals & grow from there. If you are looking to develop riding skills and go to horse shows you are probably at the wrong place.

Does insurance or the Medicaid Waiver program pay for this? No, but we work to keep our pricing fair & are able to extend partial scholarships. All veteran programming is provided free of charge to military veterans & Public Safety members.

I don’t like animals, is there anything I can get from your programs? Yes! You don’t have to be a “animal person” to benefit from Equine Assisted Therapy. Our equine partners are equal participants in a conversation, we don’t primp or cuddle with them. If you have animal allergies let us know, we can do our part to reduce exposure.