Horse keeping itself is a big job, then add helping people with a wide variety of challenges and you really have your hands full!

The support of our community through your generous donation of time, talent and treasure allows us at Summit Equestrian Center to take first rate care of our herd and provide unique, effective programming at a price people can afford. Without your help we could not reach the people we are most passionate about, so thank you!

Happy horses are safe horses and keeping horses happy and healthy requires a tremendous amount of care. Through the donation of hundreds of hours, our volunteers keep our herd ready to help our clients. It is not always a glamourous, horse brushing experience, but their time and effort make a real difference.

If you are interested in helping us in our mission, we appreciate your passion and look forward to putting you to work.

Your support makes fulfilling our mission possible. Contributions of any size allow us to maximize our resources and are appreciated! Utilize our safe, simple, and secure donation form to make your contribution.

Wish List

  • Air compressor
  • Arena grader
  • More reliable diesel truck
  • Bale of hay $5 (we feed 8 a day)
  • Round bale $65
  • Bag of grain $23.60
  • Removal of manure $275
  • Fuel to & from trail head $70
  • Pallet dust deterrent for the arena $800
  • Broom $15
  • Centered Leadership session for 1 veteran $300
  • Veteran Riding session $350
  • Acquire a new mustang from the BLM $550 (fee + fuel)


“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in service to others.”

— Mahatma Gandhi

We couldn't agree more. Our volunteers are the core that makes Summit Equestrian Center run. Whether you are a horse enthusiast looking for a place to full your pony fix, a people-person who thrives watching people soar past their vision of what is possible, or looking to find your role and give back to the community, we have a job for you! Read about our volunteer roles below, fill out our paperwork and contact us about what we could do together.

For all volunteer opportunities we need you to be 14 years old. Please tell us about your interests and skills, we probably have a need in your specialty! There is a lot that goes into running an organization like ours, we couldn’t do it without your help. Beyond manual labor help we also welcome people with administrative, artistic and marketing skills (tell us what you can do, we probably need you). We gotta tell everybody about all the great work we are so busy doing out here!

Routine Volunteer positions allow us to be able to provide our services and keep our costs manageable. We rely on people that can commit to show up when they say they will and help. Horse experience is not required, we are happy to teach you how to be safe around horses.

Horse and Barn care

Keeping up with our herd is no small feat. Our horses require year-round help to make sure they are healthy and up to the task of partnering with our clients. It is not always glamourous, but we think the rewards for your efforts are priceless as you get to know our crew. Morning and evening feeding roles as well as regular cleaning responsibilities are available.

Help with Our Lesson Program

Our Adaptive Riding program could not happen without our volunteers. We often need a horse leader to help get the horse ready for the lesson and a sidewalker (or two) to help our riders stay balanced and on task. It is so rewarding to develop relationships with each rider and their family and see the progress made with the help of a horse. We then take those skills to our shows and your help as support staff

becomes critical to help our riders really strut their stuff for family and friends. It's a wonderful opportunity to invest yourself for the growth of another, all while having a great time.

Our riding lessons are on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays so we have lots of after work and school opportunities to get involved

Get Involved in Our Special Events

We host all kinds of fun events to support our barn community. Our horse shows in the summer not only provide a chance for our riders to strut their stuff & show their families and friends what they've been learning in lessons, but they also serve to help us raise funding to be able to provide scholarships for lessons. Our volunteers help with the planning, set-up, show day, clean up & everywhere in between. Let us know where your interest & talent could help & we'll be grateful to find a place for you in our crew!

Jump In & Help with Projects Around the Barn

Keeping a horse barn in good condition is not a job for the faint of heart! We are grateful for the help from countless school, church and work groups, scout troops and teams that have come to our aid to make our facility safe and beautiful. We have all size projects on our list and would be happy to help you put your group's time, energy and talent to work.

Interested? Contact us for more information. Thank you!