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Together let’s continue making a difference 

Horse keeping is a big job, then add helping people with a wide variety of challenges, and then you have your hands full — but we’re so excited to do our part, and we’re definitely up for the challenge! 

Your generous financial donations allow Summit Equestrian Center to take care of our herd while providing unique, effective programming at a price people can afford. Without your help, we could not positively impact so many people’s lives, so thank you! 

Happy horses are safe horses, and keeping our horses happy and healthy requires a tremendous amount of care. On top of our volunteer’s commitment, your donations support our herd ready to assist our clients. 

If you have a moment, please contribute to our life-changing services and make a difference to a veteran or child’s life. Any amount makes a tremendous difference to our organization. If you want to specify where you want the funds to go, please click on the “Donate Towards” menu and select the appropriate section. 

Thank you again for your contribution.


Your support makes fulfilling our mission possible. Contribution of any size allows us to maximize our resources, and your gifts are greatly appreciated! To begin, please fill out our safe, simple, and secure donation form. 

Thank you. 

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