Hearts, Horseshoes & Heroes Event!:Click here for more information about our fundraiser to support the Heart of the City Mission Foundation & The Cavalry at Summit Equestrian Center!

People, Horses, Hope

Through our history, horses have been helping us march into battle, transport heavy things and plow our fields. They’ve helped us run faster, jump higher and feel more powerful than we could on our own. Now people and horses are teaming up to help us become better version of ourselves. Come out to Summit Equestrian to see all the ways getting out to our barn and working with our horses can impact you. 


When we sit astride a horse, we use a lot of the same muscles we use when we walk. It’s a great way to strengthen our core while stretching and toning other muscles, while simultaneously improving fine motor skills and balance.


Horses know what we feel before we say a word. Working with horses can expose emotional patterns we didn't realize we had. Developing a healthy relationship with a horse in a judgment-free arena is a great way to strengthen human relationships.


Our clients on the Autism Spectrum gain a variety of value from their time with our horses. Through riding and creating connection, our clients are able to learn how to focus more clearly.


Social skill building in the arena with horses makes an impact. When you learn the importance of respect, direction following, creative thinking or leadership from a horse, it sticks with you.

Give Hope

Your support helps keep our herd at its best! Thank you for helping us help our community.

Heart, Horseshoes, & HEROES!

May 12, 6:30-10:00 at our barn we're partying it up!  Summit Equestrian Center is joining forces with The Heart of the City to honor our veterans, enjoy some barbeque, a unique bourbon tasting & a remarkable speaker.  

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